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NetModem™ Advanced Modem Sharing Client/Server

NetModem turns a Windows PC into a "Modem Pooling Server" or a "Serial Device Server" on any Windows network. A server version of Windows is optional.

Elimate monthly expenses resulting from needing seperate phone lines at each workstation.

Key features

  • Supports all popular versions of Windows, including 2003.
  • Shares up to 1024 COM ports, Modems, and other serial devices.
  • Supports multple pools of COM ports or Modems.
  • Each pool can be configured for User Authentication or pool passwords.
  • Each pool can block dialin calls to clients.
  • Each pool can limit dialout calls to a list of phone numbers.
  • Maintains log of every phone number dialed by a client.
  • Shares modems with MS RAS (Remote Access Server) for dialin access.
  • Shares modems with MS Fax Service for inbound fax and SBS fax sharing.
  • User authentication supports either a local domain or Active Directory.
  • Automatically provides next available Server COM port to user.
  • Unlimited user client redirection software included, starting at $149.
  • Powerful client diagnostics allows application debugging.
  • Compatible with DialUp Networking, Fax (Class 2), and most other applications.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.

If you would like to suggest features for an upcoming version, or have other questions please email info@netmodem.com.




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