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NetModem™ Advanced Modem Sharing Client/Server

NetModem™ turns a Windows PC into a "Modem Pooling Server" or a "Serial Device Server" on any Windows network.

Elimate monthly expenses resulting from needing seperate phone lines at each workstation!

Key features

  • Supports all popular versions of Windows.
  • Shares up to 1024 COM ports, Modems, and other serial devices.
  • Supports multple pools of COM ports or Modems.
  • Each pool can be configured for User Authentication or pool passwords.
  • Each pool can block dialin calls to clients.
  • Each pool can limit dialout calls to a list of phone numbers.
  • Maintains log of every phone number dialed by a client.
  • Compatible with MS RAS (Remote Access Server) for dialin.
  • Automatically provides next available Server COM port to user.
  • Unlimited user client redirection software included.
  • Powerful client diagnostics allows application debugging.
  • Compatible with DialUp Networking, Fax (Class 2), and most other communication applications for Windows or DOS.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • One year of Technical Support and free upgrades are provided.

NetModem can be evaluated for 30 days for free. The evaluation is fully functional without any restrictions. If you decide to purchase NetModem, a license key unlocks the software without needing to reinstall it.


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April 28, 2005
NetModem v2.10 has been released!


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