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Development News - NetModem Version 2.xx Release History

September September 12, 2005: NetModem version 2.12 released

  • Under certain network conditions, NetModem could fail to communicate between the server and the client when either are run under Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1. This is resolved.

  • NetModem Client now has a keep-alive feature, to prevent some networks from disconnecting after a long period of idling.

June 29, 2005: NetModem version 2.12 released

  • NetModem Server could log certain AT commands sent to the modem as being dial commands, which were in fact not dial commands. This is now corrected.

  • Optimized client trace function to avoid lag during a trace session.

  • The version 2.11 installer had an invalid version-upgrade setting. Because of this, users upgrading from 2.11 to 2.12 will need to uninstall 2.11 before installing 2.12. However the configuration settings will be retained in the process. Upgrading from any previous versions is not an issue.

May 15, 2005: NetModem version 2.11 released

  • NetModem Server now checks MS Fax Service is holding a shared modem open in receive mode, before attempting to share a modem with a client. If MS Fax Service is controlling a modem that's not in use, NetModem Server borrows it from the fax service allowing the client to use it.

  • NetModem Client has enhanced support for DOS based applications running under Windows. DOS applications can be run on virtual ports numbered COM1-COM4.

April 28, 2005: NetModem version 2.10 released

  • NetModem Server has been rewritten as a seperate Service and GUI, allowing it to be configured and monitored remotly under Terminal Services or Remote Desktop. Several performance enhancments have been added during this process.

  • NetModem Server now allows remapped RDC COM ports to have the same names as existing COM ports. Remapped RDC COM ports are designated with a * after the name, such as COM1*.

  • NetModem Server's Status now displays usernames of any clients using both a login and a pool password.

  • NetModem Server's Block Dialin function is enhanced to avoid blocking additional AT commands used by some modems.

  • NetModem Client now sends a "Credentials Accepted" message to the application software when the login/password is provided within the application, allowing an application script to supply the credentials.

March 24, 2005: NetModem version 2.02 released.

  • Minor fix: NetModem client driver could crash if a buggy application requested to read 0 bytes.

March 14, 2005: NetModem version 2.01 released.

  • Idle clients can be automaticly disconnected after xx minutes of inactivity (defined in Pool Properties).

  • The Administrator can manually disconnect a client by right clicking them and selecting "Disconnect".

  • The servers list of Active Connections can now be sorted by any field, by clicking the field name.

  • The "Test Server connection" now uses color messages to indicate if the test was successful or failed.

  • Fixed an issue with finding users/groups on an Active Directory domain server.

February 28, 2005: NetModem version 2.00 released.

  • Support for multiple modem pools. Each pool can contain several shared modems or COM ports.

  • Each pool supports User Authentication or a Pool Password for security.

  • Each pool can be configured to block dialin access to clients.

  • Each pool can be configured to limit dialout access to a list of allowed phone numbers.

  • Server logs each phone number dialed, and logs client connection times.

  • Single Installer for Windows NT4, 2000, XP, 2003.

  • Fixed issue when port set to 7,E,1 (7 data bits, Even Parity, 1 stop bit)


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